Students leave the T Plus Centre to go to careers and a wide range of meaningful jobs of various types. Most go on to college to pursue trades or courses for another year or two whilst others make use of apprenticeships. Recent leavers have followed courses in Accountancy, Public Services, Gamekeeping, Photography and the Building Trade (Plastering). Several make choices to go into the catering trade. We work closely with Careers South West to ensure the best outcomes for all students and to ensure that when they leave, students have a clear career path and the right qualifications to pursue this.

To help them transition into their next steps post 16 we work closely with local colleges prior to year 11 and where possible introduce them to external providers so that relationships and trust can be built before embarking on their chosen route.  We also incorporate teaching them life skills that will prepare them for adulthood and the world of work so that they know what will be expected of them and what skills they will need to develop.

We take great pride and pleasure in seeing students come back to visit the centre with news of their progress and success!

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