Taliesin Education Ltd (t+centres)     

Based in Liskeard, we are a small specialist school offering  a wide range of subjects, both academic and vocational, leading to qualifications up to GCSE level.

To complement the main site, we also have two workshops we use for vocational subjects such as Design Technology, Woodwork and Mechanics. 

We make the most of being close to the coast, offering a wide range of sporting and outdoor pursuits for our students, includiung coasteering, kayaking, mountain biking, surfing and orienteering.


Our local offer consists of providing placements for children and young people who have been unable to flourish in other settings and who need a school which gives additional child-led activities and approaches to help them succeed. It also provides therapeutic underpinning to address, at root, the kind of emotional, social and behavioural issues which have held the student back in the past. These may be based on conditions including Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Conditions, Moderate Learning Difficulties and Emotional, Social and Behavioural Difficulties. There is a very high staff to student ratio which helps us to achieve success for the young person and his family.

Our School Offer is based on the SEN Information Report and Response to the SEN Code of Practice (2017).


At the heart of everything we do is the priority of keeping our students safe and ensuring that they experience wellbeing. Our Safeguarding Team has full training and wide experience in this area and is vigilant in ensuring our school is a safe place to be in. We work closely with other agencies to address student issues in the widest context.


The support and commitment of parents and guardians is essential in complementing what we do. We can promote the welfare and progress of our students so much more effectively by working closely with parents and carers, enabling their child/ward to achieve the best possible outcome.

We will work closely with any other agencies involved with our students, for example social workers; aiming for close-cooperation between everyone concerned, using a multi-disciplinary approach.


t+centres opened in 2007. We currently have one centre, in Liskeard.

Our registered name is Taliesin Education. Taliesin (pronounced Tal-ee-ess-in) was a Welsh Bard (poet and story-teller) who rose from almost insurmountable poverty to be a man of great position and influence, largely because of his great wisdom and cleverness, originally outwitting the cruel witch who held him captive. If he were alive today, he might have risen to be a superstar or combination of pop singer and prime minister.

We endeavour to have our students rise above their difficulties and be ready for life in the adult world, and therefore Taliesin is a good role model for our aims.

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