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Student Achievements

Both KS3 & KS4 Students have had units accredited under the WJEC Preparation For Work, Additional English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Healthy Living & Fitness  and IT for Users Awards & Certificates:

  •  Exploring Narratives

  •  Creating Narratives

  •  Exploring Poetry

  •  Exploring Shakespeare

  •  Introduction to whole numbers

  •  Working with Whole Numbers

  •  Fractions

  •  Using Money

  •  Economics of Motoring

  •  Spreadsheet Software

  •  Presentation Software

  •  Desktop Publishing Software

  •  Internet Fundamentals

  •  Word Processing Software

  •  Volcanoes, Earthquakes & Tsunamis

  •  Historical Changes Over Time

  •  A British Society in the Past

  •  A non British Society in the Past

  •  Healthy Living

  •  Adventurous Activities

  •  Making the most of Leisure Time

  •  Animal Care

  •  Energy in the Home & Workplace

  • Variety & Adaption

  • Science & The Human Body   



New Year

4th September 2016

It has as usual, been a busy and productive year, last academic year (2015 – 2016) and so far into the new school year there are no signs of this diminishing.

The curriculum has become increasingly broad with Psychology and Business Studies and Media studies being offered to older students, as well as Japanese last year.

We said goodbye to two year 11 students in the summer, one to go to college to study Psychology and the other studying general subjects and Retail.

The Primary Department is developing well with the children making good any gaps they have in Phonics and Maths skills but also enjoying going out to places of interest and also being given time to play!

Outdoor Education and Bushcraft are continuing to be very popular with students facing challenges and developing a range of skills in different areas.

The ‘thrive’ approach is very useful in helping our young people develop increased emotional resilience and enjoy crafts and arts which help to develop the brain in a positive way.

We continue to investigate new ways of supporting children and young people to progress in their education after experiencing difficulties in the past and it is really heartening to see the improvements they make and how they start to enjoy their education !


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