Past student who recently visited t+centres:

I'd definitely recommend t+centres. I found it a lot more fun and easier than I did in normal schools. The staff are friendly and really made the effort and tried to help me compared to normal school where they didn't really bother. My mum preferred me coming here. She was glad I found this school.

Why we enjoy our curriculum!

  • "We learnt all about WW1 by building trenches on the beach for DD Day" (Year 10)
  • "I'm really pleased with how my reading has got much better" (Year 8)
  • "The Trebuchet we built in physics was a cool way to learn about forces" (Year 11)
  • I'm looking forward to starting my GCSE maths early" (Year 9)
  • "PE is fun for you as you can run around and get lots of exercise" (Year 9)
  • "Cooking is amazing I love it!" (Year 11)
  • "I made a gingerbread house and it took a week to finish it, I did most of it in my lunch hour but it was worth it!" (Year 10)
  • "I love going to Zero Gravity and playing in the foam pit" (Year 8)
  • "I enjoyed the Charity fun day and we even got to spray our hair pink!" (Year 9)

Comments on outdoor education and educational trips

  • " I love going Mountain biking with school as it is fun." (Year 11)
  • "I enjoyed watching the snow boarding as lots of us fell over" (Year 10)
  • "We went to Paignton Zoo and got soaking wet when it rained!" (Year 9)
  • "Surfing was so fun as it was my first time standing up on a board!" (Year 9)
  • “I love the amount of outdoor education we do at T Plus” (Year 8)


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